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Popular Tracks

Setting Sun (Acoustic Pop Ballad)
Where I Want To Stay (Country/Folk)
You (Acoustic Pop Ballad)
RAPunzel (Rap)
Saugerties (Rock/Pop)


Weeksville (Blues)
Standing In Water (New Classical)


TV Treatment - Urbn Faery Tales

A Musical TV Series

by Dave Hall & Tim Sulka

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"An artist of the first water, penning sharp, classy, intelligent tunes"

Far Be It From Me

From Darkened City

The Egg

From Darkened City

About Dave

Dave Hall is a versatile songwriter and composer who writes in several different styles, from acoustic/singer-songwriter, to country, musical theater, contemporary classical, and even Middle Eastern. Known for his witty and poetic lyrics, Hall has released several CDs to critical acclaim. His music has been placed in television, film and theater. Originally from the Hudson River Valley in New York, he lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


New York Times

“… considerable lyrical clout… his introspective lyrics are woven through well-crafted compositions…”  




"Hall brings an intelligent and empathetic lyrical perspective to his material,

                                                                          without sacrificing the need for a concise, pop-friendly melody.” 



Woodstock Times

“He's an artist of the first water, penning sharp, classy, intelligent tunes.  Even a cursory

listen… reveals his rare gift for wedding perspicuous lyrics to great arrangements.” 




"Equipped with poetic lyrics… Hall shines as a songwriter…”



Songwriter’s Monthly

Tender, deeply moving songs... Good for the mind, body and soul.

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