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Songwriter Dave Hall Billboard Reviews



Edited by Larry Flick


Rock Tracks

Do You Remember? (4:23)




PUBLISHER: Giuseppe Music

Giuseppe Joe 00862 (CD cut)


New York singer/songwriter displays the potential to enjoy a national breakout with this lively, rock-fused strummer. Hall brings an intelligent and empathetic lyrical perspective to his material, without sacrificing the need for a concise, pop-friendly melody. Excellent for mainstream rock radio.



Unsigned Artists And Regional News

By Larry Flick


PLACES TO GO: Dave Hall has been gradually building a solid following on the DIY circuit, making inroads where few other out-gay artists are: in mainstream rock circles. In fact, as he promotes "Places," the second effort for his homemade Giuseppe Joe label, he is playing larger and more mixed crowds than ever before.


"My music appeals to people who are enlightened and people who can find something universal in what I'm doing and saying," says the New York-rooted artist.


"Places," with its blend of rugged roots rock and pop/folk, often succeeds in exploring the highs and lows of relationships without sexual boundaries. At the same time, however, Hall can't resist the temptation to press a few political buttons, as he does on "Biff 'N Tony's Wedding," which has begun to draw the interest of college radio programmers on the East Coast.


Hall will spend the next couple of months on the road promoting the disc, and he's considering releasing "Biff 'N Tony's Wedding" as a single.

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